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Understand Your Patients Better with Infini Patient Communication Suite 

Introducing Patient Communication and Collaboration Suite which enables you to create and conduct end-to-end patient experience and outcome surveys measuring your patients’ satisfaction levels and experience with automated real-time data collection via WhatsApp, E-mail, SMS, Mobile App, QR Codes, and more!


Choose from our unlimited ready-made standard and advanced question-types with over 150+ templates


INFINI Feedback Management System


Now engage with your patients while in hospital or even after discharge using our cross-platform feedback management system and get real-time insights on patient sentiments, staff responsiveness, facility rating and overall patient satisfaction​ with instant alerts and comprehensive reports.

Concierge and Patient Feedback

Available in

Mobile App- iPad & Android


Collect yourself or just hand device to patients in hospitals to easily collect feedback on Web App, Tablets or Phones

Send feedback via WhatsApp or SMS


Send responsive feedback links to patients through WhatsApp or SMS to share their experience and feedback about the experience at the hospital

Collect feedback through Email


Send customized emails with feedback links directly to the patients or embed the form within email


Customizable templates and Patient Feedback Formats 

Create customized engaging patient feedbacks with diverse range of configurable feedback questionnaire formats, languages, emoticons & many more.

   Choose from available standard templates or create your own

   Logic-based questionnaires for each section/ department

   Choose languages your patients are comfortable with

   Measure and analyze patient satisfaction and NPS scores


Maintain a competitive edge by understanding the top complaint areas and trends with our detailed dashboard dedicated to complaints management. Infini helps you track, analyze and address patient complaints and concerns swiftly at multiple touchpoints with instant notifications and real-time reports.


Pay detailed attention to Complaints Management


View complete analysis of patient feedback with detailed reporting with tables, graphs and text analysis. View trends and know what patients think about facilities, staff and more.

✔   Net Promoter Score (NPS)

✔   Patient Satisfaction Index

✔   Recommendation Analysis

✔   NLP based Sentiment Analysis

✔   AI based Emotion Curve and Customer Loyalty Analysis

✔   Social Media Tagging

Monitor and Improve Patient Satisfaction

24/7 uninterrupted assistance for In-patients

Give your patients the freedom to raise issues, suggest or compliment the staffs during their complete stay in your hospital, all with one single click

✔   Quick and guaranteed resolution of complaints on priority

✔   Zero dependency on attendees or staff

✔   Automated redirection to the concerned department



INFINI Patient Reported Outcome Measures

Get 360° view of your Patients' Health with Infini PROMs

Infini enables you to replace manual, inefficient processes of patient-generated health data management with automated collection and analysis of clinical and patient reported outcomes allowing you to effectively monitor patient progress in real-time for treatment of post-elective/emergency/trauma surgery, chronic illnesses/diseases, mental health conditions and much more.

Why measure PROMs?

Better Care

✔  Improve patient-provider communication

✔  Promote shared decision-making

✔  Enhance patient satisfaction

✔  Improve Clinical Outcomes & reduce avoidable readmissions

Better Health

✔  Detect & address complications early

✔  Deliver more personalized, effective care

✔  Address patient concerns to improve Quality of Life

✔  Improved Clinical efficacy thorugh research outcomes

Revenue Generation and Cost Containment

✔  Reduce administrative burden & costs

✔  Increase patient loyalty

✔  Increase revenue through cross referrals, add-on diagnostic and home care services.

INFINI Survey Management System

Empowering hospitals to listen, learn, and lead with our comprehensive survey management system

Structured Survey creation & Automation process


End-to-End Management of both Patient and Staff Surveys

Simplified Survey Approval Process for Research Surveys

Record and manage observations identified through survey

Org-Wide Visibility with Intuitive Dashboards and Reports

Simplified creation and distribution of surveys to numerous respondents

Analyze survey data and correlate it with past data

Supports all kinds of surveys with 20+ Question types

Take informed decisions

Automated collection and collation of responses

Advanced analytics and key metrics dashboards

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