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Discover a new era of healthcare quality and patient safety with our cutting-edge software.

Welcome to our advanced Hospital Quality & Patient Safety Management Software—an all-encompassing solution designed to elevate healthcare institutions to new levels of excellence. With a focus on precision, efficiency, and patient well-being, our software empowers hospitals to meticulously monitor, evaluate, and enhance the quality of care delivered while ensuring the utmost safety for every patient.


Through real-time data insights, streamlined incident reporting, comprehensive risk management, infection surveillance facilitation and a robust audit manager, we are dedicated to equipping healthcare professionals with the tools they need to provide top-tier care and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement.


INFINI Incident Reporting & Information System


Take Control of Incidents

With a user-friendly interface, real-time alerts, and seamless collaboration features, our software empowers hospital staff to swiftly document, investigate, and address incidents, ensuring a safe and secure environment for both patients and healthcare providers. Experience a simplified approach to incident management that enhances transparency, minimizes risks, and fosters a culture of continuous improvement in healthcare delivery.


Verify. Analyze. Take Action.


Streamlined Incident Reporting

The software simplifies the incident reporting process by providing intuitive forms that guide healthcare personnel through the necessary details, ensuring accurate and comprehensive reporting.

Real-time Alerts

The system is equipped with automated alerting mechanisms that notify relevant stakeholders and administrators immediately after an incident is reported, enabling swift responses to critical situations.

Extensive RCA-CAPA Toolkit

Allows you to perform detailed RCA with any of the standard approaches like 5-Why, Fishbone, Change Analysis and many more.

Seamless Integration

The system is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing hospital information systems, enhancing interoperability and minimizing disruption to daily operations.

100% Configurable

Simplify your incident management process with unlimited self-customizable categories, dynamic dashboards, configurable workflows with internally integrated notifications

Pre-built incident categorization

Prebuilt categorizations aligned with industry best practices and the dynamic forms capture in-depth details of the incident

Data Analytics and Insights

The system employs robust data analytics tools to identify patterns, trends, and common contributing factors to incidents, empowering healthcare institutions to implement proactive measures and preventive strategies.

Confidentiality and Compliance

Built with stringent data security measures, the software ensures that sensitive information remains confidential and complies with industry regulations, safeguarding patient privacy.

INFINI Infection Surveillance System

Elevate patient care through AI: Revolutionizing hospital-acquired infection surveillance


Power to you!
Infection surveillance
 at your fingertips.

Real-time Data Collection

The software employs advanced digital tools to capture and analyze infection-related data in real-time. This includes information on patient demographics, medical history, laboratory results, and
any observed symptoms. By collating this data swiftly and accurately, the system enables healthcare professionals to promptly identify and isolate potential cases, minimizing the risk of transmission.

Automated Reporting

With the software, the arduous task of manual reporting is replaced by an automated process. The system generates detailed reports, highlighting trends, patterns, and potential areas of concern. This empowers infection control teams to make informed decisions, allocate resources efficiently, and devise targeted prevention strategies.

Surveillance and Early Warning

The software features a robust surveillance module that continuously monitors critical parameters, such as infection rates, antibiotic resistance patterns, and emerging pathogens. Any unusual spikes or deviations trigger early warning alerts, enabling healthcare facilities to take immediate preventive measures and contain potential outbreaks.

Predictive Analytics

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Medblaze SmartSuggest considers various parameters such as Patient Demographic information, Past medical history, Surgery and other procedures as well as various events diagnosed which includes signs and symptoms of the patient, diagnostic tests and physical findings, and suggests relevant Infection types which empowers hospitals to proactively allocate resources and prioritize preventive measures, reducing the overall burden of infections.

Develop custom ‘Inspection Checklists’

✔  Meet inspection program requirements

  Assign responsibility, and

  Track completion

  Perform PDCA


Auditing made Hassle-free!

INFINI Audit Management System

100% Customizable Checklists to suit your requirements

Covers wide spectrum of Medical record audits / File audits, workplace safety audits (lab / radiology / bloodbank / Hazmat / other facilities etc), fire safety audits, mock drills, hand hygiene, handover audits, IPSG audits, Clinical Pathways, digital Tracers and department QA audits, infection control and waste management audits, prescription audits etc


downloadable Reports

Easily generate comprehensive yet detailed reports in any of the following formats- spreadsheet, PDF or PPT for comparative analysis. View performance, trend or drilldown deep into audit specific analytics.

Best thing? You can share it with your team too.

One-stop Auditing & Non-conformance management platform covering all aspects of Operations, Facility checks. Clinical pathways and Audits, Mock drills, Medical Record audits and many more. It comes bundled with configurable critical alerts, automation through Integration with EMR and corrective action workflows.

INFINI Risk Management System

Accelerate Proactive Risk Mitigation with Infini

Risk Management System


✔    Identify and prioritize critical areas and functions in your hospitals

✔    Relate KPIs directly to the business processes that drive them to reveal dependencies and fill gaps in current processes

✔    Streamlined reporting of risks from pre-built, history driven risk dictionary with Risk Auto-prioritization


Diverse range of Inbuilt Risk  'Management & Prevention' Tools 

✔   Risk Dictionary - Comprehensive collection of most commonly occurring Clinical  and Non-clinical risks in hospital to help you easily identify and report potential risks

✔   Auto-prioritization of risks based on probability of occurrence and severity of impact with 'Risk Impact Assessment'

✔   Unit-wise Local and Corporate Risk Registry to identify the potential  impacts of Risk

Integrated HIRA-FMEA supported Dashboards and Reports

✔   Identify and mitigate risks to eliminate/reduce hazards and associated risks with integrated analysis based on HIRA and FMEA

✔   Risk scoring based on pre-determined scores

✔   Perform Cause-Effect analysis using Bow-tie diagrams

✔   Heatmaps and Milestone charts based on benchmarks to provide deeper insights into Risk trends and effectiveness of Risk Mitigation strategies

✔   Comparative reports for increased visibility of risks to assist quick management decision making

Elevate hospital performance with precision through our KPI and quality indicator automation software

Now multiple accreditation requirements like JCI, NABH, JAWDA, CBAHI, COHSASA, MSQH, KARS, ACHS and many more can be managed and monitored on "single platform" with our dynamic enterprise level solution.

INFINI KPI / QI Automation Module

MEDBLAZE INFINI® Digital QI-KPI Management Tool is a sophisticated software application designed to assist hospitals in measuring, tracking, and improving their performance based on predefined Key Performance Indicators.


These indicators are specific, quantifiable metrics that reflect crucial aspects of hospital operations, patient care, and overall quality.


By integrating data from various hospital systems and departments, this tool provides a comprehensive overview of performance, empowering healthcare leaders to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.

The amalgamation of data-driven insights and evidence-based decision-making empowers healthcare institutions to address challenges proactively and enhance their overall quality and patient outcomes.

KPI Overview is just one click away

Analyze your quality and patient safety standards against various pre-determined quality indicators (QI) or create your own against various touchpoints

✔   Trend Analysis

✔   Milestone View

✔   Targeted Benchmarks

✔   Complementary Workflow

✔   Automated QI analysis

✔   Seamless third-party integration to generate KPIs tracked elsewhere

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