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Optimizing hospital operations: Our resource and performance management system drives efficiency and excellence


INFINI Enterprise Ticketing System

Manage all your enterprise communications on a single platform

What is Enterprise Ticketing System and
Why do I need it?

Enterprise ticketing system helps you streamline the way you communicate, raise request, resolve complaints, address grievances and much more within your organization. This helps you transform your organization's internal support into a contextual and efficient process.

Medblaze Infini’s ticketing system is a people-process-asset-centric solution to help your hospital improve-

  • asset uptime with optimized rapid in-person support

  • boost productivity and,

  • deliver metrics for confident decision making.

Ticketing System

INFINI Credentialing, Privileging and Professional Practice Evaluation

Enhancing hospital excellence through comprehensive professional practice evaluation

Provider Credentialing

PMS automates the provider credentialing process, ensuring that each healthcare professional meets the required qualifications and certifications. This feature ensures compliance with industry regulations and standards, reducing the risk of legal and financial penalties.

Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE)

Automated and frequent evaluations allows administrators to identify areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement. OPPE ensures that all providers consistently meet the hospital's quality standards.


PMS facilitates a streamlined and transparent privileging process, ensuring that providers have the appropriate level of authority to perform specific procedures and treatments within the hospital based on their qualifications and expertise. This feature helps maintain consistency in care delivery and enhances patient safety.

Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE)

This targeted evaluation helps ensure patient safety and enhances the hospital's decision-making process regarding granting or renewing clinical privileges. This is automatically triggered based on provider's performance or when they seek new clinical privileges.

Performance Evaluation and Feedback

The software enables
performance evaluations for healthcare providers, tracking their clinical outcomes, patient feedback, and overall contributions to the hospital. Constructive feedback and performance metrics can be shared with providers, fostering continuous improvement and professional growth.

Performance-Based Incentives

Our PMS can track and analyze various performance metrics for healthcare providers, such as patient satisfaction scores and clinical outcomes which can be used for staff incentivization programs to encourage them to consistently deliver high-quality care.

INFINI Learning & Training Management System

Cultivating healthcare brilliance and medical excellence with Medblaze Infini LMS

Robust platform offering streamlined content delivery, skill assessment, progress tracking, and personalized learning paths for comprehensive training management.

Efficiently centralize, track, and optimize learning processes, fostering continuous skill development and knowledge retention

Integrated Learning, Training and Competency Management System

Course Creation and Management

User Enrollment and Tracking

Personalized Learning Paths

Easily develop, organize, and update training content, including multimedia, quizzes, and assignments.

Efficiently enroll learners, track their progress, and generate reports to monitor individual and group performance.

Tailor learning experiences based on individual roles, skills, and progress, enhancing engagement and knowledge retention.

Assessment and Quizzes

Mobile Accessibility

Certification and Badges

Create interactive assessments to evaluate understanding, reinforce learning, and identify areas for improvement.

Enable learning on-the-go with a responsive design that supports various devices, ensuring accessibility and flexibility.

Award certificates and badges upon course completion, motivating learners and recognizing their achievements.

Automated Notifications

Resource Management

Feedback and Surveys

Send reminders, updates, and notifications to learners, keeping them engaged and informed about their learning journey.

Organize and manage learning materials efficiently, ensuring easy access and updates for learners and trainers.

Gather feedback from learners to improve courses and overall learning experiences.

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