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Quality & Patient Safety.
Patient Experience.
Compliance. Performance

Medblaze QMIS automates and digitizes Quality, Accreditation, Compliance and Patient Experience processes so that healthcare and quality management professionals focus on what they do best:

Patient care

Realtime Analytics &  Reports

Feature Loaded Comprehensive Software

EMR Integration & Automation


Clinics & Daycare Centers


Home Care & Rehabilitation Centers 

Tailor-made Solution for every type of Healthcare Setup

With the Right Software, Great Things Can Happen

In Hospitals, Clinics and Labs, there is a pressing need to effectively manage quality, compliance, accreditation, performance and patient experience management. Despite existing efforts, several challenges and gaps persist, hindering the ability of hospitals to deliver optimal healthcare services. Many Organizations struggle with efficiently managing and integrating these processes, resulting in suboptimal outcomes, increased risks, and diminished patient satisfaction." 

Medblaze infini is a 100% configurable AI driven Comprehensive Quality, Compliance, Performance and Patient Experience management software. 

What We Offer

Power to you with easy DIY customizable platform with a powerful BI-tool providing you the flexibility to create your own templates, define your own workflows and choose your own dashboards. One-stop Solution packaging the Best Quality Management System, Best Feedback Management System and the Best Compliance Management System for Healthcare Organizations.

Best Quality Management System for Hospitals

Patient Safety & Quality

Medblaze Infini helps hospitals improve their quality of care by streamlining processes, automating tasks, and ensuring adherence to established protocols and best practices. It facilitates the tracking and management of quality metrics, patient safety initiatives, and performance improvement efforts.

Best Patient Feedback Management System for Hospitals

Patient Experience & Outcomes

Patient experience vertical of Medblaze Infini enables hospitals to collect and analyze patient feedback using Multilingual Chatbot using NLP, satisfaction surveys, and concierge. Hospitals can make informed decisions to enhance the overall patient experience, leading to improved patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Best Compliance Management System for Hospitals

Accreditation & Compliance

Medblaze Infini assists hospitals in meeting regulatory requirements and standards imposed by accreditation bodies and government agencies. It provides tools for documentation, reporting, and audit trails, ensuring that the hospital remains in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Best Performance Management System for Hospitals

Resource & Performance

Medblaze Infini provides a structured approach to tracking and evaluating employee performance. It allows hospitals to capture and monitor key performance indicators, assess individual and team performance, and provide timely feedback to employees.

Built for Experts,
by Experts

Now manage multiple accreditation requirements like JCI, NABH, JAWDA, CBAHI, MSQH, MARS, COHSASA, ACHS, AACI, HA, CAP, NABL, Digital Health Standards and many more with our dynamic enterprise level solution that allows all requirements to be captured, measured and analyzed in one place. Significantly reduce your Cost of Poor Quality by switching from minimal quality focus to establishing an end-to-end quality culture with Infini - an Integrated Quality Management System

 Automated QI & Reports

Multiple Accreditation

Highly Configurable

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

Medblaze Infini positively impacted 500+ healthcare organizations across 15 countries by improving care quality, compliance, resource utilization and decision-making. Clinical and administrative staff benefitted heavily from streamlined workflows, performance monitoring, training opportunities, and enhanced collaboration. 


What Our Clients Say

“Medblaze has been a trusted partner with Kasturba Hospital Manipal for the last few years in digitization and automation of quality management system. This 2035 bedded multi-specialty teaching hospital is exceedingly benefitted by the state-of-the-art software system from Medblaze enabling effective data management.
The strength of Medblaze lies in its excellent willingness to help and resolve most complex issues in automating quality management processes with minimum turn-around-time and a positive approach.
We have been working with Medblaze for the past few years and it has undoubtedly been a very positive experience for Kasturba Hospital Manipal.”

Kasturba Hospital, Manipal

"At Marengo Asia Hospitals, we believe that patient feedback is critical to patient experience. Medblaze's platform has made it easy for us to collect, analyse, and act
on feedback in a way that drives meaningful change.

Qualitative and quantitative feedback is available to all staff in leadership and management roles. The reporting and analytics tools have been particularly valuable in helping us identify trends and deliver actionable insights.

Medblaze has been a part of this journey for more than 1 year and we highly recommend Medblaze to any healthcare organisation looking to take their feedback
management strategy to the next level."


Marengo Asia

We have been using Medblaze for more than 6 months now and it’s a gamechanger. We are loving it ever since its implementation here at Evercare Hospital Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

It has drastically simplified our feedback system, data collection, interpretation, analysis and helped us identify areas requiring improvement by capturing our performance over time, breaking it down department by department.
It has been key in assisting our decision making process at improving the patient experience at the hospital.

Our staff and patients appreciate the transparency and accountability that Medblaze has brought to our feedback management process. I would highly recommend Medblaze to any healthcare organization looking to enhance their feedback management capabilities.


Evercare Lekki, Nigeria


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