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Accelerate Proactive Risk Mitigation with Infini

Risk Management System

Customizable Enterprise Risk Management System for Hospitals

Comply with patient safety regulations while minimizing the clinical and non-clinical inefficiencies with centralized reporting system


Infini helps you manage and mitigate the potential risk sources in your day-to-day processes, so you can focus on achieving operational and strategic excellence by identifying any potential threats related to patient safety, legal, compliance, third-party suppliers and enterprise risk


    Identify and prioritize critical areas and functions in your hospitals

✔    Relate KPIs directly to the business processes that drive them to reveal dependencies and fill gaps in current processes

✔    Streamlined reporting of risks from pre-built, history driven risk dictionary with Risk Auto-prioritization


Integrated HIRA-FMEA supported Dashboards and Reports

✔   Identify and mitigate risks to eliminate/reduce hazards and associated risks with integrated analysis based on HIRA and FMEA

✔   Risk scoring based on pre-determined scores

✔   Perform Cause-Effect analysis using Bow-tie diagrams

✔   Heatmaps and Milestone charts based on benchmarks to provide deeper insights into Risk trends and effectiveness of Risk Mitigation strategies

✔   Comparative reports for increased visibility of risks to assist quick management decision making


Diverse range of Inbuilt Risk  'Management & Prevention' Tools 

✔   Risk Dictionary - Comprehensive collection of most commonly occurring Clinical  and Non-clinical risks in hospital to help you easily identify and report potential risks

✔   Auto-prioritization of risks based on probability of occurrence and severity of impact with 'Risk Impact Assessment'

✔   Unit-wise Local and Corporate Risk Registry to identify the potential  impacts of Risk

Perform internal audits periodically to check the effectiveness of mitigation activities and suggest appropriate measures

Schedule Internal Audits to Prevent Risk Proactively

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