Risk Management system

Risk Identification

Categorization and Risk Scoring

Cause and Effect analysis

Risk Mitigation

Internal Audits on effectiveness



Streamlined reporting of risks from history driven risk dictionary which can Auto-prioritize risks based on probability of occurrence and severity of impact.

Structured impact assessment

Identify the impact areas and describe the impact to arrive at a justified risk scoring based on pre-determined scores.

Bow-Tie analysis

Perform Cause-Effect analysis using Bow-tie diagrams.

Internal Audits

Perform internal audits periodically to check the effectiveness of mitigation activities and suggest appropriate measures.

Dynamic Workflows

Dynamic and Custom workflows and roles that help hassle free approval and review of risks reported.

Real-time notifications

Multi-channel Alerts, Real-time Notifications and reminders that minimize response and resolution time.

Dashboards and reports

Heatmaps and Milestone charts based on benchmarks that provide deeper insights into Risk trends and effectiveness of Risk Mitigation strategies.

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