Incident Reporting and Information System

Quick Incident Reporting

Quick incident reporting with Custom incident classification and categorization, use cases and dynamic questions / templates based on category selections.

Anonymous Incident Reporting feature with staff identity protected, that encourages voluntary incident reporting

Automated Assignments

Automated incident assignment and detailed SLA and escalation features for improved accountability and reduced TAT.

Escalations and Approvals

Tagged incidents that enables higher authorities to track  real-time status of sensitive incidents.

Structured RCA

Mitigate poor quality risks & costs by evidence based detailed RCA using various approaches like Ishikawa and 5 Why analysis and performing CAPA activities.

Dynamic Workflows

Dynamic and Custom workflows and roles that help hassle free approval and review of incidents reported that help in resolving incidents by the right people at the right time.

Real-time Notifications

Multi-channel Alerts, Real-time Notifications and reminders that minimize response and resolution time.

Dashboards and reports

Dashboards and Milestone charts based on benchmarks that provide deeper insights into incident trends and effectiveness of Quality improvement strategies.

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