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Infection Control & Surveillance System

Comprehensive integrated system for ‘Infection Control’ that empowers your organization to efficiently ensure better quality care for patients by preventing health care-associated and drug-resistant infections

Create, implement, support, and sustain evidence-based interventions to prevent healthcare-associated infections & organism transmissions.


Medical Tablet

Simplified Reporting

Easy event reporting with 'unified' & structured formats to capture patient data on the go. Dynamic forms and categorizations aligning with industry best practices to capture in-depth details.

Get immediate alerts on meeting infection criteria.

CDC Compliant Care Bundles & Checklists

Structured device insertion and inbuilt bundled Checklists in accordance with latest WHO and CDC guidelines for daily assessments

Doctor Taking Notes

Artificial Intelligence

Smart prediction of 30+ subtypes of nosocomial infections using robust algorithms analyzing patient demographics, medical history, signs and symptoms, clinical and diagnostic test results.

Integrated Antibiogram

Detailed Specimen and Micro-organism reports for deeper insights on antibiotic sensitivity pattern.

Image by CDC

Power to you!
Infection surveillance
 at your fingertips.

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