Infection surveillance system


Simplified event Reporting and smart suggestions

Easy drag and drop infection event reporting with all relevant information regarding events that also assists continuous education.


Automatic suggestions for various types of infection, infection window period and location of attribution based on selection of events.

Structured RCA & Dynamic workflows

Mitigate poor quality risks & costs by evidence based detailed RCA using various approaches like Ishikawa and 5 Why analysis and performing CAPA activities.


Dynamic and Custom workflows and roles that help hassle free approval and review of nosocomial infections reported.

Data collection and insights in accordance with the guidelines

Detailed Specimen and Micro-organism reports for deeper insights on antibiotic sensitivity pattern.


Bundle Checklists and infection reporting in accordance with latest WHO and CDC guidelines.

Real-time notifications & Dashboards

Multi-channel Alerts, Real-time Notifications and reminders that minimize response and resolution time.


​Dashboards and Milestone charts based on benchmarks that provide deeper insights into Hospital Acquired Infection trends and effectiveness of Quality improvement

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