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Incident Reporting and Information System

Quick and simplified incident reporting with Custom incident classification and categorization, use cases and dynamic questions/templates based on category selections.

Anonymous Incident Reporting feature with staff identity protected, that encourages voluntary incident reporting

01. Dynamic Workflows

Custom smart workflows and roles that help hassle free approval and review of incidents reported to help you resolve incidents quickly and efficiently

02. Automated Assignments

Automated incident assignment, detailed SLA and escalation features for improved accountability and reduced TAT

03. Structured RCA-CAPA

Mitigate poor quality risks & costs by evidence based detailed RCA with approaches like Ishikawa and 5-Why Analysis along with CAPA 



Verify. Analyze. Take Action.

Dynamic Reporting Formats


Dynamic forms and categorizations aligning with industry best practices to capture in-depth details 

Data Privacy

Image by Privecstasy

Separate workflow for sensitive incidents to maintain privacy and confidentiality of information

Technological Flexibility

iPhone in Hand

Simplified reporting through mobile app and tablet to allow instant data collection at the incident site

Intelligent Workflow


Avail intelligent and configurable workflow with auto-assignment and multi-level approval capabilities

Anonymous Reporting

Image by Chris Yang

Anonymous reporting feature to encourage voluntary incident reporting without any fear of identity tracking

User Tagging


Tag users to drive timely analysis/ investigation and reporting through robust SLA and escalation features

Want to reduce your incidents rate?

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