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INFINI Enterprise Ticketing System

Manage all your enterprise communications on a single platform


What is Enterprise Ticketing System and
Why do I need it?

Enterprise ticketing system helps you streamline the way you communicate, raise request, resolve complaints, address grievances and much more within your organization. This helps you transform your organization's internal support into a contextual and efficient process.

Medblaze Infini’s ticketing system is a people-process-asset-centric solution to help your hospital improve-

  • asset uptime with optimized rapid in-person support

  • boost productivity and,

  • deliver metrics for confident decision making.

Key features

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Features that make it much more easier

WhatsApp Integration

Now can easily raise tickets directly through Whatsapp without logging into the app. 

Workorder Management

Manage and monitor work orders from order assignment to execution by completely digitizing and automate your processes.

Equipment Monitoring

Real-time equipment data to monitor asset performance and maintenance to resolve issues proactively, thereby avoiding costly unplanned downtime.

Resolve tickets with a click!

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