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INFINI Document Manager

Revolutionizing the way you manage your enterprise content

✔   Automated document management including approvals, renewals & more
Get notified before deadline with reminder alerts and notifications
✔   High degree of
✔   Reduced operational time
Search for content within the documents
✔   Easy to navigate
folder structures

Switch to digital Document Management System

Lifecycle Management

Stay compliant by setting retention dates, renewal period and permissions for all documents separately

Metadata Capture

Easy classification of documents based on Metadata for controlled access and storage

Version Control

Automated versioning of documents based on type of updates that allows systematic incrementing, tracking and recording changes in documents

Inbuilt Calendar

Link all documents to our smart calendar so that we keep you updated and you don’t miss any important date

File Requests

Now you can send or receive file requests, transfer ownership and upload specific files directly to a folder your choice with just one click

Automatic Workflow

Now create automated workflows for reviewing, approval and validation of important documents- all at one place

Let us take Your Business to the Next Level

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