Computer Robot

Infection Control & Surveillance System

Perform comprehensive surveillance for healthcare-associated infections & epidemiologically significant organisms.

Create, implement, support, and sustain evidence-based interventions to prevent healthcare-associated infections & organism transmissions.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Simplified Reporting

Easy event reporting with  'unified' & structured formats to capture patient data on the go.

Get immediate alerts on meeting infection criteria.


Artificial Intelligence

Smart prediction of 30+ subtypes of nosocomial infections using robust algorithms analyzing patient demographics, medical history, signs and symptoms, clinical and diagnostic test results.

Care Checklists

Structured device insertion and Bundle Checklists in accordance with latest WHO and CDC guidelines. prevention checklists for daily assessments


Detailed Antibiogram

Practice evidence based interventions through advanced analytics & sensitivity pattern analysis of 100+ microbials towards 3000+ antibiotics

Petri Dish

We can partner with you in your journey towards Zero Nosocomial infections