Audit Manager & Compliance Tracker

Selection of Standard Objective element



Creating and performing audits

Analysis of


Corrective and Preventive actions


Build checklists

Easy creation of audits with logic-based questions in minutes using Audit creator or excel upload to let you customize audits as per your requirements and standards.

Conduct inspections

Perform timely audits to analyse major gaps in your organisation and mitigate risks before the impact occur.

Bird’s eye view

Quick view of all location and department based Non-compliance to take necessary corrective actions.

Clinical & Operational Audits

  • Hand-Hygiene Audit

  • Patient Identification Audit

  • Employee satisfaction surveys

  • Mock Drills

  • Biomedical Waste Management Audit 

  • Adherence to Safety Precautions audit

  • Medical Record Audit

  • Nutritional Assessment Audit

  • Safety audit

  • Infection Control Bundle Checklists

  • Nursing Audits

  • Medication error Audit

  • Department and location audits

  • Other clinical audits

  • And many more...

Non-Conformance Management

Non-conformance reporting with Custom non-conformance classification and categorization, use cases and dynamic questions / templates based on category selections.

Analyze Non-conformances and mitigate them in various locations and departments across your organisation using this simple and comprehensive tool. 

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