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Audit Manager

Streamline the way you manage audits by merging audit workflow, management and reporting into one easy-to-use, cloud-based solution.

Infini gives you the freedom to audit on your terms through immediate reporting, customizable templates and total oversight of your entire audit program.


Now audit on-the-go!

Develop custom ‘Inspection Checklists’

✔  Meet inspection program requirements

  Assign responsibility, and

  Track completion

Auditing made Hassle-free!

Logic-based smart questionnaire workflows

Quick and efficient auditing process mediated by logic-based questions and relevant responses that displays/hides responses based on your previous selection of options. Save time so that you can audit more while maximizing your auditing efficiency.


100% Customizable Checklists to suit your requirements

Easy customization of your current paper-based checklists or spreadsheets into digital Audit forms in minutes. Choose from our wide range of 50+ standard questionnaires or create your own.


Ready-to-use downloadable Reports

Easily generate comprehensive yet detailed reports in any of the following formats- spreadsheet, PDF or PPT for comparative analysis. View performance, trend or drilldown deep into audit specific analytics.

Best thing? You can share it with your team too.


Realtime Tracking and Monitoring 

Continuously audit and monitor processes supported by dependable data analytics. Automatic syncing across devices (mobile and desktop) to provide you with real-time tracking options. Get visibility into your productivity, compliance, accuracy and more.

Want to save time by simplifying your auditing process?

Technologically flexible

Leverage mobile app for in-field audits or use a tab. Infini gives you the freedom to audit from any device

Realtime Monitoring

Use audit manager to monitor and track compliance and operational tasks through user notifications

Automated Workflows

Dynamic and Custom workflows and roles that help hassle free approval and review of risks reported.

Multiple Approval Levels

Engage inspection teams in tiered regulatory compliance audit and assessments

Instant Multichannel Alerts

Set automatic reminders or custom escalations to ensure timely auditing


Comparative Reports

Get Location and Department specific comparative dashboards to identify key focus areas for Improvement. 

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